Service Point, A Commercial Facility Services Company

Service Point provides industry leading janitorial and floor care services that are based on standardized processes, scientific data, and 3rd party verification. All of our services are delivered with a focus on janitor and building occupant safety, environmentally responsible cleaning practices, and cleaning for both health and appearance.
Guaranteed Satisfaction
Comprehensive Services
Web-Based Quality
Control Reporting
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Detail Cleaning/Spotting
Project Carpet Cleaning
& High-Flow Extraction
Carpet Shock Treatment
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Improved Safety
Consistent High Gloss
Potential for Significant Savings
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Want to quickly find out what Service Point can do for your company? Our data sheets are filled with service related information.

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Find out how Service Point has helped businesses improve and simplify their maintenance solutions by reading through our case studies below.

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Industry-specific white papers are available here to assist in your organization's decision making process.

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