Service Point, A Commercial Facility Services Company

Service Point employs only environmentally responsible cleaning practices when delivering janitorial, floor care and carpet maintenance services. However, we don’t think the current standard of only using “Green Certified” products is enough.

The basis for our Green Cleaning Program is as follows:

  • Cleaning for Health first and then for appearance
  • Disposing of cleaning wastes in a environmentally responsible manner
  • Increased worker safety and awareness
  • Increased level of sanitation of building surfaces
  • Responsible and proper removal of pollutants from the facility
  • Reduction of chemical, particle and moisture residue
  • Minimizing human exposure to pollutants

Service Point chemicals are Green Seal Certified and are delivered in premeasured packets to reduce employee exposure. All chemicals are purchased in bulk to limit the amount of packaging placed into the waste stream. The packaging that does get into the waste stream is made from recycled materials.

From the beginning, Service Point has understood the connection between healthy indoor air quality and our services. Use of the wrong chemical, or too much of the right chemical, can negatively impact your indoor air quality.

Failure to remove debris and dust from the indoor environment also negatively impacts indoor air quality. Most vacuums throw dust particle emissions throughout a building. That’s why Service Point uses only CRI Green Label certified vacuums from ProTeam. ProTeam back-pack vacuums provide 4-level filtration, starting with a special micro-filter that not only increases vacuum efficiency, but removes over 99% of 10 micron particles and 95% of one micron particles.

Our standard mopping system minimizes water usage by using dual-chamber
mop-buckets with flat micro-fiber mops, which also reduces chemical usage and eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination.

Service Point cleaning teams use washable micro-fiber or huck towels for daily cleaning tasks. These towels can be laundered hundreds of times, reducing the amount of disposable towels we place into the landfills.

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