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Anyone can clean your building, but only a company with a proven cleaning system with standardized tools, built-in tracking, and documented processes will really make a difference in the cleanliness of your facility.

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In most cases, if your janitorial company is using the traditional yellow mop bucket and string mop (same as when you went to elementary school) your building is actually being made worse by your cleaning company. Don’t believe us?

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Service Point’s cleaning methods are up to 5x more effective than traditional janitorial techniques at removing pollutants, pathogens and allergens.

Our cleaning process has been scientifically proven to deliver:

* A 52% reduction in airborne dust

* A 40% reduction in overall bacteria

* A 49% decrease in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

* A 61% drop in fungi/mold

Which leads to:

* A cleaner, safer, healthier workplace

* Less employee sick days

* Improved employee morale

* Increased employee productivity

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