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Team Cleaning vs. Zone Cleaning

Traditional cleaning companies use the Zone Cleaning model – where people are assigned to a certain zone of the building and do all the cleaning tasks in that zone, no matter what they are.

The problem is, the zone model is inefficient. Just like old-time manufacturing, it takes more time for one person to do 6 different jobs than for 6 different people to each do their one special job.

Instead, we use Team Cleaning, which is based on an assembly line. Every Service Point pro is specialized in a particular area of cleaning. This means they do their tasks better and faster, because they’re experts in that area. It just makes sense!

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What is a Cleaning Specialist?

Each of our cleaning specialists performs a set of specific cleaning tasks. Each one is assigned a job card that clearly defines what tasks they need to complete in your building, where, and how long each task should take.

Our 4 Cleaning Specialists

  • Light Duty Specialists

  • Vacuum Specialists

  • Restroom Specialists

  • Utility Specialists

The Benefits of Team Cleaning

Supervision and Work Quality – Specialists who focus on a few clearly defined tasks produce better, consistent results that are easier to monitor.

Built-In Checks and Balances – When you have several people working in one area, you’ve got lots of eyes on the job to make sure nothing is missed.

Better Work or Better Cleaning – Just like an assembly line, our workers are very specialized in their fields. They don’t have to waste time stumbling through tasks because they know exactly what they’re doing – which produces consistently better results in less time.

Service Point's Standardized Cleaning Process

"Service Point provides the only scientifically proven cleaning system designed to improve health & cleanliness, increase safety, minimize environmental harm and deliver consistent cleaning results."

Our Process

  • Is proven to significantly reduce custodial costs while dramatically improving cleanliness

  • Has been validated as the “Best of Class” custodial safety program for janitors

  • Has been used in quality programs by The Boeing Company and Sandia National Labs since 2002

  • Is the only system that’s been validated as a High-Performance Healthy Cleaning Program in a major, publicly-funded, university study

  • Recognizes custodial workers with certification programs, train-the-trainer courses and Outstanding Cleaning Worker of the Year awards

Green Cleaning

Our goal is to keep your business AND the Earth clean! We use only environmentally responsible cleaning practices that keep both you and the Earth healthy. Because what’s the use of a shiny clean office if you spend all day coughing from nasty chemical fumes and leftover dust?

    Our Sustainability Core Values

  • We clean for health first and appearance second.

  • We dispose of cleaning waste and pollutants in approved, environmentally responsible ways.

  • We minimize human exposure to cleaning pollutants – for both our staff and your workers (and you!).

  • We reduce chemical, particle and moisture residue for a true clean!

Our Green Cleaning Chemicals

All our cleaning products are Green Seal certified and delivered in pre-measured packets to reduce employee exposure. We buy these chemicals in bulk to save packaging, and we recycle whenever possible.

Reducing Waste One Washcloth at a Time

All our microfiber cleaning cloths are reusable hundreds of times and save tons of paper towels from ending up in the landfill. (Not to mention, they do a much better job!)

We’re Passionate About Indoor Air Quality

Bad cleaning can actually make the air quality in your business worse! The wrong chemicals, too much of the right chemicals, and vacuums that throw dust all over can wreak havoc on the respiratory systems of you and your staff.

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